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Me: Hey thanks for taking the initiative to do laundry without me asking. Ken: Uh, right. Actually I just needed some of that stuff for my trip this weekend. Me: Oh. Figures. Ken: Well, I DID do some of your laundry too. Me: Because you needed a big enough load to run the wash? Ken: [...]

On Saturday

I worked Ken to the bone.  Last year,  before I moved away, we started painting the master bedroom.  We got that and the master bath, but the sitting room was never finished.  When I moved away, Ken took over what used to be my office–so now that I’m back I decided to turn our sitting [...]

I am in Chattanooga.

My goal was to make it at least to Birmingham, but because I stopped right before getting to Birmingham to eat, I was able to go a few more hours to make it all the way here. July 6th…… —- July 8th. I started writing that entry while sitting on a king size bed in [...]


So now I’m packing to move to back to VA. I have this long entry written out in my head about relationships and how they’re so fucking hard and how people don’t talk about how they’re so fucking hard because they use all their energy trying to project to the world that their relationship is [...]

Conversation with Ken

Me: I am so _ _. I don’t know what to do about it. Seriously, if I don’t _, I get _. But if I _, I get _ . I’m _ either way since they both _ and feel _. I don’t know how you still love me when I am so _ _. [...]

I’ve been out of town

The first 4 days of my trip were spent in Austin.  They were fun.  The last days were spent in the valley with my parents.  Not as fun.  Not counting 2 of my brothers that I saw over the weekend, the youngest person I hung out with in 9 days was 66 years old–and that was [...]

Went to see my uncle in the hospital again.

His blood pressure had lowered a lot during therapy so they sent him back to his room and had him on IV. Bursting into the room the way we did tore him from his sleep and I guess waking up in a hospital room reminded him of where he was still and he just burst [...]