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It’s Monday

Went to see my uncle today. Found him sitting up right in his wheelchair with a big grin on his face. He spoke proudly of how much he’d accomplished today—talking about how many hours of therapy he’d done and how many different places they made him walk. I asked him if the rehab nurses were [...]

Texas is too fucking hot

to do anything in, like ever. My brothers and I are sitting around watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory waiting for the sun to go down so they can start grilling for father’s day. They are enjoying The Big Bang Theory unlike last nights showing of Open Water. Despite the fact that I told [...]

We went to Mexico today

Again, totally bemoaning the fact that I forgot my mini SD card for my camera. Not that anything out of the ordinary is happening, oh wait—yes—the neighbors across the street are setting fire to their entire lawn! My grandma’s husband’s brother’s wife passed away and now her house is going to be occupied by one [...]

My uncle Elias is in the hospital.

He had open heart surgery to replace some veins (or arteries?) near his heart that were taken from his legs. The surgery went well, but now he’s in rehab for physical therapy. He’s 81 years old. We found him totally distraught lying in his bed and since he couldn’t fight the tears—he just let it [...]

I had lunch with

my friends Misha and Angelia today. I hadn’t seen them since I moved away from Austin 9 years ago and its AMAZING how good friendships work in such a way that leave you feeling as though not a single day has gone by since you last saw each other. The highlight was of course remembering [...]

I had this

sinking feeling recently that because I hadn’t been able to enjoy my favorite Vietnamese dish, Tofu Vermicelli, in such a long time from so many different restaurants that maybe gone were the days when I found Tofu Vermicelli to be the preferred meal 7 days a week. Today Ana and I ate at Kim Phung, [...]

I’m in Austin

On Saturday night we went to The Scoot Inn to a 60′s themed beach party night and the only thing that was really 60′s about it was the band’s sound and one girl walking around in a beehive hairdo.  Everything else about it was a regular night at the bar getting drunk.  Well, minus the [...]