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So it’s that

 time of summer again– where Palomo has opened up his water bowl to the locals for a quick dip to cool off in.  I have to clean his water bowl EVERY SINGLE DAY because of the algea that collects at the bottom and usually I have to give him a treat to distract him from [...]

If I don’t write it down, did it ever really happen?

I started writing this entry about two months ago and never finished it.  Today I can finish it with an alternate ending. ———————————————————————————————————– I’m not one much for whiny blog entries, but I have to say – Ikea is really not geared towards single shoppers at all and I want to whine about this.  I realized this [...]


I’ve been interested in reading more books that take place on the open sea. I was hoping some of you could recommend some to me. I’ve twittered about it and got two responses. One from my unoriginal cousin, Norma, who suggested Moby Dick. Which OK, I actually haven’t read–and I do want to read so [...]

When I look in the mirror

I see a large nose.  A large nose that was once the LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! of hot real estate property, so it is now over crowded with a bevy of blackheads who refuse to move away because they all believe they were there before it was cool to be there, so why should they have [...]

I asked for a job application

at a bookstore today.  The chance of me getting a job there seems really high as I was given a lot of hope by the cashier who checked me out.  She said, “It’s really easy to get a job here–I think the manager kind of just takes whatever application is at the top of the [...]

A few weeks ago

I had dinner with my friends Amy and Brad and we were talking about how we were not happy that it was that time of the year again when those big fat fucking gross flying roaches start coming out.  We all shared our own personal horror stories and everyone knew someone who knew someone who’d once [...]

Notes from a diary

Oct. 18, 2007  13:45 In Pen.  Sitting at the dentist’s office writing with a new pen that I just bought at Target. Immediate buyer’s remorse. A new pen I didn’t need and as it turns out–I don’t even really like. In Pencil. New pencils. I don’t like these either. In Pencil. My biggest fear is that I’ve never [...]