I’ve been out of town

The first 4 days of my trip were spent in Austin.  They were fun.  The last days were spent in the valley with my parents.  Not as fun.  Not counting 2 of my brothers that I saw over the weekend, the youngest person I hung out with in 9 days was 66 years old–and that was my mother.   Lots of old and sick people in the valley.  If they’re not sick now, they were sick recently–so you have to hear about it as if they were still sick now. 

It’s like there’s nothing better to do in the valley than get sick. 

Clogged arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure–that’s what’s up in the valley.

I’ve been home 3 hours and now I miss my parents, but I had to come back. I have a lot to do.  I leave for VA in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS.  Have you started a pool for how long before I come back to Texas?  Of course you have.

Ping Pong – Pinball.

Driving home today I saw a turtle crossing the road.  By the time I’d devised a plan for how I would keep it in my car, without a box, for the next 5 hours–I returned for it to find it entirely crushed.  The 18 wheeler that passed me while I contemplated my next move — swerved onto the opposite side of the road just to run over him.  What a shame to be skilled in such precision. I told myself that I could have saved him if I moved quicker, but if I had–I probably would have been standing on the side of the road when the driver of the 18 wheeler decided to amuse himself by taking a life.  

Do you think with that loud of a truck sitting that high up, that he even heard or felt anything?

Fuck, people, what is wrong with some of you?

I wrote almost every day while I was gone. I’ll post the entries–so look for them below this post–dated accordingly–but right now, I am emotionally and physically drained!

Buenas Noches.

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