I had lunch with

my friends Misha and Angelia today. I hadn’t seen them since I moved away from Austin 9 years ago and its AMAZING how good friendships work in such a way that leave you feeling as though not a single day has gone by since you last saw each other.

The highlight was of course remembering the year we stole Angelia’s Mickey Mouse statue off her desk as a silly April Fool’s joke that made Angelia SO FUCKING MAD that I was like, “ohh—you know we can’t just return it to her now—no, we have to draaaaag it out.” Dragging it out consisted of creating the email account complyormickeywilldie@hotmail.com and spamming her with various ransom notes throughout the day. Ransom notes that she insisted on replying too, which only fueled our desire for continuing to fuck with her. Ransom notes that contained lists of impossible demands like three strands of hair off the back of an afghan mule—to which she’d reply with, “how in the world do you expect me to get that—you assholes! Return Mickey unharmed at once or you will suffer the consequences!!”

We had a three and a half hour lunch and if I hadn’t had to get on the road to head to my parent’s house, we’d probably still be talking. They promised to go visit me in DC next year and I can’t wait to see them again. I forgot my mini sd card for my camera, curses, but I snapped two pictures of the three of us on it’s internal memory.

Later on, during my trip, my GPS got me extremely lost in the middle of Nowhere, Texas and I had a minor, or major depending on if you ask Ken, panic attack. I just really dislike being lost.

Also, I added an entire fucking hour to my travel time.

It sucked, big time.

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    Okay, that’s a funny prank!

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