Went to see my uncle in the hospital again.

His blood pressure had lowered a lot during therapy so they sent him back to his room and had him on IV.

Bursting into the room the way we did tore him from his sleep and I guess waking up in a hospital room reminded him of where he was still and he just burst into tears again.

My mom and I left the room to give him and my aunt some privacy.

When we returned a little while later he was in noticeably better spirits and had already eaten his entire dinner and was starting on his fruit cup. My mom says that low blood pressure is not as dangerous as high blood pressure, but it certainly makes you feel really fucking crappy.

I don’t know anything about either high or low blood pressure, but I want my uncle to not be so discouraged, especially when the nurses keep saying that he is doing so well.

He’s going to walk–he’ll just do it as his own pace in his own time.

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