Me: Hey thanks for taking the initiative to do laundry without me asking.

Ken: Uh, right. Actually I just needed some of that stuff for my trip this weekend.

Me: Oh. Figures.

Ken: Well, I DID do some of your laundry too.

Me: Because you needed a big enough load to run the wash?

Ken: Nooo.. Because I was being nice!

Cut to today:  I am selflessly doing laundry for both of us because it needs to be done–when I go to put the stuff I just washed into the dryer what do I find? All my clothes that were innocent bystanders of Ken’s selfish act where he only used my clothes to fill up the load, but left them there hung out to dry.  Minus the hanging part.


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  1. Martie
    Posted July 18, 2009 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    reminds me of me saying: wow. thanks for putting the toliet seat down…

    him: Oh. Yeah. It’s down cause *I* needed it down. sorry.

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