More than too much tmi..

In January of 2009, I made a confession to Ken that sent him reeling with laughter and left him a little horrified.

I said “sometimes I feel like my crotch smells like a Chipotle Burrito.” Ken stared at me blankly and I continued, “and it sometimes makes me crave it.”

Then I told him that I had never told that to anybody and that I had often considered putting it on a post card and sending it to because surely there was somebody out there who had a crotch that smelled like a Chipotle burrito, or even a Taco Bell one, and I needed to know.  At first Ken assured me that this secret was one of those that you certainly kept to yourself, but the creative director in him couldn’t help but get involved when I ignored him and explained to him the vision I had for how the card would turn out if I decided to send it in.

So we got to work.

First stop, where else–Chipotle Burrito.

I took a picture of my burrito with my little Sony camera and couldn’t stop giggling. Then Ken interrupted, “wait, I got a really great idea.” Then he made a few adjustments to the appearance of the burrito and I laughed out loud while taking the shot.

Then we went home and I tweeted about it with a vague reference to a secret project we were working on together, never really knowing if anyone who read the tweet would ever be privy to this secret. And of course, nobody ever asked.


So we made the card, sent it in to PostSecret, and waited.

And more nothing.

I hadn’t thought about this at all until the conversation with Berna last night and I thought, you know–fuck Frank, I’LL show the world my secret because I am not ashamed.  Well, mostly because a few of you stopped by to comment that random parts of your body also sometimes smelled funky, so yeah. Without further ado…

The result:


Which to this date has never been published and I can not imagine why.

** Concept: my idea

**Burrito opened to reveal a guacamole labia: totally Ken’s BRILLIANT IDEA.

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